Thursday, 16 June 2011

and once again she makes a mockery of me

Well they say never work with animals or children, and boy they are right. 

Ok How??

Ru is good to hack both in company and alone, so when the opportunity came to ride out with some aquaintences from another yard I didn't hesitate, well it makes a change having company.  We were ok on the forest tracks, infact we were mooching along on the buckle end, merrily saying that she is a good girl.  when one of the ladies decided that a little bit of "off roading" was called for.  Hum..... now we were on our toes, as grass and company means mad hooly doesn't it mum......  Not flipping likely!

The bounciness was not helped by one of our companions who had exactly the same idea, so we now had two thoroughbreds bouncing around while we threaded our way through trees..... hum, queue tight reins.  Madam was livid and tried a number of times to smear me off using a tree or two, and over taking the leader and generally being obnoxious.

I was mortified..... understandably when we came to a spot that ment I could make my excuses guess what I did.

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