Thursday, 23 June 2011

Not quite text book...... yet

It is now 2 1/2 weeks on since we had our lesson that i described earlier.  Following the arguments in the lesson that led to such pain and suffering for us both, I dug the harbridge out as I thought it would be better for her to battle herself rather than me.  Well, we only needed that for two schooling sessions as she got the concept very quickly.
So we have spent the last two weeks working hard (around the torrential rain) on getting the roundness that seems to be a requirement at prelim (!) rather than the hollow llama impressions. 
I knew that the canter was going to be an issue, as Ru can't seem to get her balance in the shorter frame, but I was very pleased with how the walk trot work was coming.
So, it was D day yesterday, and I was over the moon with how she went, she felt like she went like all those other horses that I have so admired, we had some moments when she came against me, but she didn't feel at all llama like. until the canter work and even then it was only very slight in comparason to how it used to be.  I knew that this pace would be "interesting" as she is stuggling with her balance in the shorter frame, however, I didn't expect her to throw her teddies out the pram and basically go F*** you ( and it was, it wasn't anything milder!) for the canter -trot -canter transition.  She didn't want to go back to trot and when she did, it was very messy, which ment that she ran into the upwards transition, followed by a bounce over the boards with her backend as we went past the entrance, meaning that now she was on the wrong leg, and refusing to go back to trot, fortunatly she broke just before B and I was able to get her back for the 20m circle but it wasn't pretty.
here are the judges comments for you

Just for a comparason, here is the last test we did..... fortunatly the same test, so you can get some sort of comparason on how we have got on

We have an improvement on Aprils percentage of 52.8% coll 42, with 53.6% coll 44.

sadly there isn't any video, as the camera managed to get swiched on in my mates bag, so the battery ran out and I didn't think to bring a spare.
I have to admit being disapointed with the score, but it was obviously one of those tests that rode better than it looked. However, my friends that were there, and have seen the "old" Ru said that it was by far the better test they have seen us perform, and that Ru looked like a "proper" horse for about 2/3's of the test.  I cannot ask for more! 
Dispite the disapointment, I am pleased that we have managed to achieve something in 2 1/2 weeks and am convinced that we now have a better basis to move forward from.
There are photos, and I will post the link from Susan Young photography when they are all available

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