Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Why can't she read the text books......

and be text book like...... oh no, she has to be different, and according to our last instructor, too difficult to teach.!

Well after all she is a chestnut mare with 4 white socks and a mind of her own....... now remind me again why oh why I encouraged her to have a personality, and a mind of her own??

oh and now she isn't talking to me!!!!!!!

So I hear you ask why this rather odd mini rant moment.

Well..... I managed to sell a bit of tack the other day, and thus made some money for a lesson. Que new instructor.
Now our main problem is that Ru likes, no that is wrong, insists that she is a llama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMYN4djSq7o

She is not a stuuning Chestnut TB mare, oh no she is a llama..... bah. So whats all this about the text books I hear you ask!... well they say, get the horse working from behind and the head will come down.... yes........ NO
Ru will go around with her head in the air (like the formentioned llama) with the back end somewhere in the next county and leaving me sitting in a hammock! It would appear that we have to approach the problem from another angle than the books say, and that is, it would appear, head on!

So the lesson today (5/6/11), rearranged me, shortened my reins (way more that I thought was decent) and proceeded to work on the issue.... well how many temper tantrums can be fitted into a 45 minute lesson.... er ONE.... one major one. I was knackered and has inspected those ears and top of her head intently.... but we had 3 moments of brilliance before it went wrong, and in that she concertinered..... her head came down, and her backend arrived quickly from the next county and her back went up. HURRAY..... shame we couldn't hold it for more than a stride.

So we have our homework...... oh god, I am going to suffer!.

So Why isn't she talking to me? well apparently I am a wonderful sympathetic rider.... too sympatheic, as I have allowed her to get away with murder for the last few years, and today I was told it has to stop! :o :shock: :?
eek.... que the temper tantrums. * sigh* I have to work her through this... till she accepts that this is normal.... *oh dear lord I am going to die* :shock:

And to add further insult to injury, Ru was out in the field and it Rained. Yes she got wet. Apparently chestnut TB's shrink in the rain! :lol:

So I guess watch this space, and put up with the daily OMG. The test is whether or not we can manage a dressage test on the 22nd in this new "improved" style :lol:

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